Domestic? Or International? Which Surrogacy Option is Better?


Surrogacy is an exciting and new journey that tends to come with numerous questions. One topic many potential surrogates read about when they first look down the road of surrogacy is the differences that arise when working with domestic versus international intended parents. As with many important life choices, each option contains its own set of pros and cons and deciding which one will be the right choice for you is an individual decision with no right or wrong answer. To understand which option will ultimately be the right one to make for yourself, your family, and your overall experience, it is important to understand the common differences between working with domestic and international couples.

  • Domestic IPs. Working with U.S.-based IPs gives intended surrogates the opportunity to develop a greater bond with IPs during the pregnancy by attending doctor’s appointments together, speaking regularly, or even meeting for lunch if possible. Communication barriers tend to be rare when working domestically and transferring the baby’s health insurance coverage to the intended parents’ plan is typically much smoother.
  • International IPs. Because international IPs are generally farther away, this kind of arrangement does not allow the intended parents to be as involved during the pregnancy as they may be during a domestic surrogacy. Language barriers may exist and it can be more difficult to handle insurance issues, though there are ways around each of these potential problems. Many surrogacy agencies, such as Surrogate Solutions, will still require international couples to work with an IVF clinic in the U.S.

Finding the right couple to work with, regardless of where they are located, is one of the first and most important steps on the journey of surrogacy.  Some surrogates have worked strictly with domestic surrogates, while others prefer to work with international surrogates only; alternately, there are also gestational surrogates who have had wonderful experiences working with both domestic and international GS alike.  Ultimately, the decision should boil down to your comfort level and whether you feel a click with the potential surrogate.

Working with a professional and caring surrogacy agency that has experience with both international and domestic surrogacy relationships is the best way to make sure you are matched with the right intended parents for your journey. The right agency will be able to offer counsel on local and international insurance laws, policies, and regulations, to ensure a smooth experience. If you are looking for additional resources on finding your perfect surrogate match, do not hesitate to contact Surrogate Solutions today!

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