Gestational Surrogacy: IVF Transfer Failed…Now What?


After weeks or months of meetings, contracts and making sure everything is ready to officially begin your surrogacy journey, experiencing a failed embryo transfer can feel devastating for both Intended Parents and Surrogates alike. Although incredibly disheartening, it is important to keep in mind that IVF transfers do not always work on the first try; however, a failed transfer does not mean the journey has come to an end! If you find yourself coping with the discouraging news of a failed IVF transfer, allow yourself to take a deep breath and focus on the following as you prepare for your next transfer:

  • Review the process with your physician. Causes of failed IVF transfers can vary; sometimes eggs and embryos that look to be in good shape on transfer day will still fail to divide and multiply properly. Understanding the reasons this happens offers peace of mind, so don’t be afraid to speak candidly with your doctor before attempting a second transfer.
  • Rely on your support network. Surrogacy takes a village. Your partner, family and Surrogate are all in this together. Lean on each other and communicate openly during this downtime between transfers. Consider running errands for your Surrogate so she can catch up on rest or meet for lunch to talk if possible. Communication is key throughout your entire journey together, so use this time to strengthen your bond!
  • Put your trust in your agency. When you work with a trusted, experienced and caring surrogacy agency, you can rest assured you have been matched with a physically and psychologically healthy surrogate. While it is important to remember that not every IVF cycle will result in a pregnancy, speak openly with your agency! Surrogate Solutions is here for you every step of the way and can help you through any roadblock on your surrogacy journey.

No one understands planning better than those going through a gestational surrogacy journey! The greater your knowledge and understanding of the surrogacy process, the better you will be able to plan your next steps moving forward. Surrogate Solutions takes true pride and joy in helping make Intended Parents’ dreams of having a family come true. If you are looking for information on achieving a successful IVF cycle or how to begin your surrogacy journey, contact the team of experienced surrogacy professionals at Surrogate Solutions today!

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