Writing a Birth Plan? What You Need to Know About C-Sections


Just because you previously delivered vaginally, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for a c-section just in case this time. A variety of factors can make a cesarean necessary, including those you can anticipate like placenta previa or breech positioning. There are also any number of conditions or events that can require an emergency c-section such as fetal distress, stalled labor or issues with the umbilical cord.

Having a birthing plan in place can help to ensure your birth proceeds as you and the intended parents would like. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. That’s why its important to prepare in the event a c-section is required.

An option that is now available to many women who undergo a cesarean is the gentle cesarean. What is a gentle cesarean? At its core it is calm and minimally invasive.

Decide on and share how you feel about the following:

Attendance. Check to see who can be present. There tends to be less room to work with, but you’ll probably want your spouse and the intended parents in the room with you, so include that in your plan.

Anesthesia. Where possible, a regional anesthesia is best, allowing the surrogate to remain awake and alert through the process, while not feeling pain. Examples include epidurals or spinal blocks. It an emergency, you may have to undergo general anesthesia, but that is generally not the case.

Medications. Include in your birthing plan if you are or are not to be given sedatives without being asked. Anesthesiologists often automatically give medications designed to make you relax, which can be a good thing. If you are anxious or upset, you may find that you want them, and can request them. But to be alert and present you may want to avoid them.

Draping. When a c-section is performed, a drape is erected to keep the surgical area sterile. Unfortunately, this can block your view of the birth. There are options, however. A mirror can be positioned so you can still view the birth, or more recently, some hospitals will use clear draping which will not obstruct your view.

Ultimately, the shared goal of the intended parents, your doctor and you are to have the delivery that keeps you and the baby healthy. But a birthing plan that considers any possibility can help you feel prepared and in control.

If you have any questions or need advice about what to include in your plan, the experts at Surrogate Solutions are here to help. Contact us today.

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