Gestational Surrogacy FAQ: Can I Be a Surrogate More Than Once?


Have you been a gestational surrogate before and are considering trying again? Or are you exploring surrogacy options and wondering how many surrogate pregnancies you could potentially have? If you are healthy, have at least one child of your own and meet certain parameters, you may be a candidate.

Some families prefer to work with the same surrogate with subsequent pregnancies. If the first pregnancy went well; why not continue with the same surrogate? Intended parents and gestational surrogates often become like family and they welcome the opportunity to continue the relationship.

Wondering what it’s like to be a surrogate two or more times?

Here are the stories of just two Surrogate Solutions gestational surrogates who successfully completed more than one pregnancy through our agency.


After successfully delivering twins from her first surrogate pregnancy, Melissa was matched with another couple and is helping them create their family.


Intended parents Hank and Daphne were so pleased with their experience with Stefanie that they requested that she help them add a second child to their family.

If you are considering a second (or more!) surrogacy, here’s how you can prepare:

Get a clean bill of health from your doctor. As you probably remember from your first experience, being in top mental and physical condition can make your experience go much more smoothly.

Talk to your support team. Your friends and family are instrumental to your successful surrogate pregnancy, but it does take commitment on their part. Make sure they are on board 100 percent before you sign on for round two.

Consult your surrogacy agency. They know you and they understand surrogacy. They can tell you if you would be a good candidate for another surrogate pregnancy and share stories of surrogates they worked with who successfully completed more than one pregnancy.

Once you’ve had a successful gestational surrogacy you know what to expect. You understand the pitfalls and risks, and know the joy that you’ve brought to an infertile couple. If you are considering giving surrogacy another go, contact the consultants at Surrogate Solutions. We’ll walk you through the process and provide all the information and support you need.

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