4 Myths About Gestational Surrogacy – Busted!


There are many myths surrounding gestational surrogacy – most of them with little basis in reality. Here are responses to just a few you may have heard.

Myth #1: Women Choose Surrogacy To Avoid Pregnancy And Preserve Their Figures.

To anyone who has experienced the heartbreak of infertility, this myth is absurd. Intended parents who turn to surrogacy have generally exhausted every other option of having children who are biologically related to them. Surrogacy can be an expensive, invasive, time consuming process. The idea that IPs would not take it seriously is highly unlikely.

Myth #2: Surrogacy Exploits Low-Income Women.

Candidates undergo screenings that include medical and psychological testing to understand their motivations for becoming a surrogate. Financial problems or any indication that a surrogacy candidate is motivated by money can be reason for disqualification. Reputable surrogacy agencies will also not take women who receive any kind of government assistance.

Myth #3: Surrogacy Is Only For the Wealthy or Celebrities.

Surrogacy can be expensive. Medical costs, agency fees and other expenses related to the pregnancy add up fast. It’s easy to see where this myth comes from. Total costs are likely to reach tens of thousands of dollars or more.

But intended parents are resourceful. Their health insurance may pay for at least a portion of medical expenses. There are many options to pay for the rest. Surrogacy agencies may offer financing options, payment plans, or cash discounts. IPs often turn to members of their family or community for help. They may also take out home equity loans or borrow against their retirement to finance the surrogacy.

Myth #4: The Surrogate Will Try To Keep The Baby.

The surrogate will, of course, feel an emotional bond with the baby throughout the pregnancy. But she is not genetically related to the baby. Her role is to carry the pregnancy to term. Surrogacy agencies go to great lengths to ensure that potential candidates understand this. They screen potential surrogates thoroughly for psychological and emotional health to avoid difficulties like this.

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