How to Pick a Gestational Surrogacy Agency


The decision to become a gestational surrogate is a stressful one. Make it a little easier by working with an agency you can trust. Taking a little time to perform some due diligence can ensure that you choose an agency that will look out for your best interests so that you can relax and enjoy your surrogacy journey.

Where Are They Located?

Is surrogacy legal in your state or must you travel elsewhere? You may want to stay close to home, but realistically, you can usually work just fine with a non-local agency. More important is where the medical facilities you will need to use are. Your agency can help you and your intended parents agree on where any medical procedures will take place. Be sure that your contract includes reimbursement for any travel expenses.

Do They Have A Good Track Record?

Take a look at their website. It is professionally done? How many successful pregnancies have they handled? Check to see how long they have been in business and look for online reviews from other surrogates or intended parents. Good agencies will have glowing reviews from both. Ask for names of gestational surrogates who have worked with them before and call or email them to ask what their experience was like.

Do They Willingly Answer Your Questions?

You’re going to have a lot of questions. Is your contact at the agency well informed? Do they answer your questions patiently and with a satisfactory level of detail? Do they brush you off or make you feel silly?

Do They Treat You With Respect?

Work only with agencies who treat you like a person and not like a commodity. When you call, you should feel valued and understood. It’s even better if they have women on staff who have been surrogates themselves and can offer you the benefit of their experience.

Do They Offer Flexibility?

There are many variables to consider in any surrogacy journey. Does the agency have a lot of rigid rules or do they allow you and the IPs to come to agreements that are comfortable to both, such as the level of contact between you and the intended parents.

Can They Offer Legal Guidance?

It is advisable to have your own lawyer, but the agency attorney should be able to give you guidance on what is legal in your state and what questions you should ask the lawyer you hire.

Gestational surrogacy is a special experience. Selecting the right surrogacy agency can make all the difference. If you are looking for additional information on becoming a gestational surrogate, please contact us at Surrogate Solutions today!

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