The Pros and Cons of Independent Gestational Surrogacy


When first considering the path of gestational surrogacy, some intended parents attempt to make surrogacy arrangements on their own by seeking out a surrogate and individually coordinating all travel, medical, and legal details without the help of a professional surrogacy agency. Although intended parents opting for an independent gestational surrogacy is nothing new, it is absolutely vital to take an honest look while weighing the pros and cons to determine if the independent route is right for you. If you are on the fence or simply curious about what an independent gestational surrogacy entails, consider the following:


  • Independent surrogacy arrangements can be made for free.
  • You are able to set your own rules as far as age, health, and lifestyle of the surrogate.
  • Compensation is negotiable and may allow more room for compromise.


  • Independent surrogacy does not include a middleman to handle financial transactions, leaving you open to potential legal disputes; to avoid this, you would need to hire a third party agent.
  • You will be responsible for conducting the surrogate’s background check. This is included in a surrogacy agency’s services.
  • All arrangements including appointments, travel arrangements, and legal contracts become your responsibility and could open a door to lengthy and costly legal battles.

While no two surrogacy journeys are the same, it is always of highest importance to ensure you are working with a surrogate who is sincere, screened, and truly has your best interests at heart. In an independent surrogacy arrangement, it can be difficult to gain access to the most eligible candidates. Working with a trusted, professional surrogacy agency gives you the peace of mind knowing that all candidates have been pre-screened for medical and psychological concerns and have undergone extensive background checks including a thorough analysis of family medical history.

Choosing independent surrogacy can seem attractive due to alleviated upfront costs, however, to protect the best interests of the Intended Parents and Surrogates alike, it is highly recommended to explore all options, including working with an agency. Only a partnership with a surrogacy agency promises assistance with legal and financial contracts, while helping you with the most important part of your surrogacy journey: matching you with your perfect Surrogate! If you are looking for more information on choosing the surrogacy path that is right for you, contact Surrogate Solutions today for a consultation with an experienced surrogacy agent!

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