What to Expect When Someone Else is Expecting Your Child


Surrogate Solutions has helped many couples become parents through gestational surrogacy. But this is a road that is daunting to many intended parents because their journey to parenthood is in the hands of a (usually) complete stranger. Couples who are looking to have another child, or start their family are often forced to use a gestational carrier due to their own medical issues. The process of a surrogate pregnancy is often a mystery to many couples, so Surrogate Solutions hopes to provide answers to several questions to help intended parents understand this journey.

What is Traditional Surrogacy? How is that different than Gestational Surrogacy?

A surrogate pregnancy is when couples use a surrogate mother carry a child for them. Conception occurs through artificial insemination using the intended father’s sperm and the surrogate mother’s eggs.

Gestational surrogacy differs because the child may be a complete biological child of the intended parents. Many intended mothers are infertile and may turn to donated eggs and the intended father’s sperm in order to conceive a child. The embryos are placed in the surrogate mother through In Vitro Fertilization/Embryo Transfer (IVF/ET).

What Types of Couples Use a Gestational Carrier to Have a Child?

Couples who turn to surrogacy to have a child are individuals who cannot conceive or carry on their own. These couples have often faced years of infertility and emotional heartbreak at not being able to have a child. Many couples have been able to conceive—and carry—a child to term previously, but due to medical diagnosis or treatments, are no longer able to have another child.

Other couples have never been able to experience being a parent, having been infertile due to genetic or medical reasons. But all of these parents have the same desire: to have a child to love and raise, and are willing to explore other ways to achieve this dream.

How Do Couples Find a Surrogate Mother/Gestational Carrier?

Intended parents partner with a gestational surrogacy agency who will guide them through the process to becoming parents. The agency will have a group of potential surrogates who desire to give the gift of life to a couple who wouldn’t be able to have that without them.

The agency will work with the intended couple and the gestational carriers to match them together for a pregnancy. Working with an agency not only provides a layer of protection for the parents, but for the gestational carriers as well.

How are these Pregnancies Managed?

A surrogate pregnancy’s management is different for every couple and surrogate. The level of involvement and communication between the surrogate mother and the intended couple is something that is discussed and decided upon mutually.

The surrogacy agency’s role is that of the trusted advisor throughout the entire journey to parenthood. Not only does the agency assist the couple in the legalese of the pregnancy and matching of the surrogate, they are advisors throughout the entire pregnancy. The agency will work hand-in-hand with the couple, physicians, and surrogates to be sure the pregnancy plan is mutually agreed upon and there is a healthy delivery.

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Surrogate Solutions works with couples every day to help achieve their dream of being parents, and with surrogates who want to give couples the gift of life. We understand that this is a journey that is unique for every pregnancy, couple, and surrogate. We know that you may have additional questions, so please contact us today and explore how surrogacy may be an option for you.

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