The Organized Surrogate: 6 Tips for Streamlining Your Medical Care


Keeping medical records organized and up to date can seem like a chore for anyone – add in the unique characteristics of surrogacy and you have yourself quite a challenge. Although it may seem daunting, making sure your surrogacy records are neatly organized in one centralized location is extremely important to easily print and share anything you may need with your providers. To streamline your own medical records, follow these six simple tips to get started.

  1. Make a list. Begin by listing everything you will need to keep in your records. This list should include current medications, providers, any medical conditions, preferred pharmacy, allergies, health history, test/lab results, and any additional information pertinent to your surrogacy journey.
  2. Compile your records. Start with asking your doctor for a copy of your records. He or she may also be able to help you make a list of other places that may have the records you need such as the hospital or fertility clinic.
  3. Go digital. Keeping a digital copy of your records is one of the best ways to ensure they are never lost or damaged. Using a system like Google docs or a cloud-based app to store your records will ensure you can access your information from anywhere, even if your computer crashes.
  4. Utilize your calendar. Staying on top of your medication and appointments can easily be confused or forgotten in the busy world we live in. Several smartphone apps are available specifically for managing prescriptions and appointments; however, setting a simple calendar alarm and reminder can be equally effective!
  5. Keep separate files under one. Although you’ll want to have one main medical file, you’ll want to have separate files contained within it. Consider keeping individual files for medical bills, insurance claims, receipts, and hospital discharge documents. This will make everything much more manageable for you as well as for the IPs!
  6. Work with an agency. Bringing in the professionals to help can be the best decision you can make! Working with an experienced team of individuals like Surrogate Solutions is the best way to ensure you have all the records and documentation you need without holding onto unnecessary clutter!

Surrogacy is a journey with many moving pieces from beginning to end. Because of this, it is imperative to have all necessary medical documentation ready to pull at a moment’s notice. Working with a dedicated and caring surrogacy agency like Surrogate Solutions is the number one way to put your mind at ease by knowing you are in good hands every step of the way. Contact us to learn how Surrogate Solutions can help streamline your medical care today!

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