Is a Doula Right for You and Your IPs?


Are you considering having a doula attend your labor and delivery? Do you and your IPs know everything a certified, experienced doula can offer gestational surrogates and new parents? Here are just a few of the services a doula can offer:

What Can You Expect From a Doula?

A doula can serve as your birthing coach if your IPs or partner cannot attend the birth. If your IPs are out of state and cannot be there in time for the birth, or if your spouse or partner needs to be home with the children, there is no need to labor alone. A doula can stand in for them, be your advocate and partner and help you through the birth.

A doula can also:

  • Help administer your birthing plan to achieve the labor and birthing experience you prefer.
  • Be your advocate by speaking to medical professionals on your behalf.
  • Suggest birthing positions to promote the steady progress of labor.
  • Provide pain management techniques.
  • Minimize the need for pain medications.
  • Offer massage and teach you relaxation techniques.
  • Reduce the chance of needing an episiotomy.

Studies have shown that the presence of a doula can help the surrogate, the baby and the intended parents.

Benefits for the surrogate:

  • 50% fewer cesarean sections
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 40% reduction in the need for pitocin to stimulate labor
  • 30% reduction in requests for pain medications, such as narcotics
  • 60% fewer requests for epidural anesthesia
  • 30% reduction in the number of forceps deliveries

Benefits for Intended Parents:

Postpartum doula support offers intended parents:

  • Easier transition to their role as a new parent
  • Better bonding experience
  • More success with induced lactation
  • A resource to answer questions and walk through any difficulties

How Do You Choose A Doula?

Make sure that your doula is supportive of surrogacy. There are even doulas who focus exclusively on surrogates and intended parents,-birth doulas who focus on seeing the surrogate through labor and delivery, and postpartum doulas who help intended parents begin their relationship with their new baby.

Will Your Intended Parents Pay For A Doula?

IPs can pay for anything that you agree upon. Some IPs may consider it an unnecessary expense, while others can see the benefit of promoting a calm birthing process to reduce stress on you and the baby. If having a doula present is important to you, consider paying her fee yourself.

To learn more about the many options you have to create the ideal pregnancy, labor and birth experience for you and your IP contact Gayle and the experts at Surrogate Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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