It’s Time to Talk About Conflict…


Due to the serious, life-changing nature of building a family, gestational surrogacy can become complicated very quickly. Whether the issue is big or small, your relationship with your surrogate will most likely be tested at some point. That’s why it’s so important to enter into a relationship with someone you’re compatible with.

Here are several ways Surrogate Solutions works to minimize conflict between intended parents and gestational surrogates during your joint fertility journey:

We strive to find you a perfect match. Like most relationships, there’s no simple questionnaire or algorithm to determine compatibility between a family and a surrogate. What it takes to build a strong surrogacy relationship is discussing everyone’s feelings and viewpoints about any issues that may arise. At Surrogate Solutions, not only do we have experience in choosing potential surrogates for couples, we know how to guide these important conversations between parties by asking the right questions.

You’re protected with a contract. One of the things we help you and your surrogate take care of is finding legal representation so that you can draw up a contract together. Both the intended parents and the surrogate need their own lawyer to make sure everyone’s interests are well-protected. A good contract answers questions about medical issues, finances, and insurance, and will lay out a chain of command for decision-making in case of an emergency.

We can mediate conflict. Our entire business is built on the path that takes intended parents to parenthood, so we have experience with dealing with the bumps in the road that can happen along the way. Surrogacy is a process, and we want everyone involved to be informed and supported. If we can’t help everyone come to a solution, we can refer you to outside help, such as a physician or a counselor.

At Surrogate Solutions, our passion is finding great gestational surrogates for every intended parent who comes to us for help. We want everyone to walk away with happy memories, so if you’d like to take the first step on your journey with us, get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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