Acknowledging the Elephant in the Room


For many surrogates and intended parents alike, surrogacy is a dream come true. While the excitement, joy, and anticipation of building a family all take precedence during this momentous journey, it is important to acknowledge and discuss the elephant in the room before even beginning your surrogacy path: compensation. Although the reward is invaluable, it is common knowledge that surrogacy can be a very expensive investment; however, it is not as well known just exactly what the hefty costs associated with surrogacy are going towards. The best way to make an informed decision when considering surrogacy is to break down and understand the costs you will be facing:

  • Legal advice. When conducting financial research in regards to surrogacy, it is important to consider attorney fees. Your surrogacy attorney will be on hand to draft, review, consult, and finalize all agreements and parental rights to ensure your experience will be as pleasant and smooth as possible.
  • Insurance. Although varying insurance policies tend to make the topic of insurance a gray area, intended parents will be expected to pay the surrogate’s medical costs in most situations. It is highly recommended and advised to calculate insurance costs into your total financial obligation when considering surrogacy; however, open communication and persistence with the involved insurance providers is always encouraged.
  • Egg donors. If the intended mother is coping with infertility issues or is otherwise unable to use her own eggs, employing the help of an egg donor will be necessary. As would be expected, if the intended mother can donate her own eggs, overall costs will decrease.
  • Agency fees. Although it is an additional expense, it is highly recommended that both surrogates and intended parents work with a trusted surrogacy agency. Partnering with the right agency is the best way to gain peace of mind by knowing and trusting that your legal matters and screenings are in the hands of experienced professionals who truly care about making your dreams of a family become a reality in the most stress-free environment possible.

While the costs associated with surrogacy do seem to add up rather quickly, many financing options are available to help intended parents begin their journey without the heavy financial burden. IVF grants, agency payment schedules, and infertility loans are just a few options of financial help available to intended parents. If you are looking to consult with an experienced professional about additional surrogacy financing resources, please contact Surrogate Solutions today!

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