Out of Town IPs? Three Great Ways to Make Sure They are Included in Your Pregnancy


Surrogates and Intended Parents will not always find their perfect match in close geographic proximity to each other. In fact, many Surrogates find themselves working with Intended Parents who do live out of town. While this is not a make or break factor when it comes to clicking and finding the right couple to work with, it can make including the Intended Parents in the daily nuances of your pregnancy slightly more challenging than it would be if they lived down the street. Fortunately, this challenge is one that many Surrogates face and have proven time and time again that it is not only possible to include out of town Intended Parents in your pregnancy, it is well worth the effort and not as difficult as one may expect. If you are currently working with or considering working with an out of town couple during your surrogacy journey, take a look at these three simple steps to help them feel included:

  • Technology. Whether it’s a relative, an old friend or your Intended Parents, technology is your best friend when it comes to keeping in touch with people in today’s digital world. Texting your Intended Parents photos and other small daily updates is a quick, yet meaningful way to share the journey with them, especially if they are unable to meet you in person often.  If approved by your physician, utilizing Facetime or Skype is another wonderful method available to include your Intended Parents in check-up appointments they may not be able to physically attend.
  • Documentation. So many unique occurrences happen daily while you are pregnant and it may not be possible to text your Intended Parents every little detail. If you know you will have some downtime on a daily or even weekly basis, consider keeping a small journal or log for your Intended Parents. This is a great way to not only document changes and progress throughout the duration of your pregnancy, it is also an excellent opportunity to record your own thoughts and feelings throughout the journey to help make your Intended Parents truly feel that they are as much a part of it as possible.
  • Meeting halfway. Depending on locations, this may not be an option for all Surrogates and Intended Parents, try to arrange plans to meet halfway every so often. Plans can include finding a physician to work with near the halfway point so it will be convenient for everyone to attend appointments, or simply meeting up for lunch or dinner. These small interactions are excellent ways to include your Intended Parents by showing them you are on this journey together.

Although geographic distance between Surrogates and Intended Parents is seemingly more challenging for both parties involved, it does not need to be the case. By simply putting a little more thought and effort into your daily routine, you can extend small gestures that will mean the world to Intended Parents wishing to be included as much as possible in your pregnancy. If you are looking for more advice on how to include out of town Intended Parents in your pregnancy, contact the experienced professionals at Surrogate Solutions today!

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