Texas Surrogate, Angela, Shares Her Surrogate Journey


For many women, pregnancy is an enjoyable and happy experience. Angela from Frisco, Texas, is one of these women. Angela loved being pregnant so much that when she and her husband had made the decision to not have any more children of their own, she found herself feeling sad each month because she missed being pregnant. But a few months after they made their decision, Angela saw a two-page spread about surrogacy in a child magazine and it were as if a light bulb had turned on; surrogacy would be her opportunity to give the gift of a child to a family while experiencing something she loved.

Excited by her discovery, Angela discussed the possibility of surrogacy with her husband and called the agency that was listed in the magazine. Unfortunately, the initial road was bumpy. After a year of not being matched with a couple and experiencing a severe lack of communication, Angela became frustrated and disheartened by the process and was ready to give up.

Right around this time, Angela’s best friend was asked to be a surrogate. Although she had to turn down the offer herself, she passed on Angela’s contact information, saying that she may be interested. That’s when Angela was introduced to Gayle and Surrogate Solutions.

Soon after her first meeting with Gayle, Angela was matched with a family in Houston. They instantly clicked and began making preparations for the transfer; however, the couple decided that they were not yet ready and backed out. Angela was overcome with disappointment once again, not being able to give a family the gift of a child, but Gayle was there to comfort and support her. In Angela’s words,

“Gayle was so kind. She told me that if I still wanted to be a surrogate, the right family would come along.”

Only a month and a half later, Angela was matched with a couple from Austin. Although the couple already had one son, from a previous surrogate, it had not been the positive experience they wanted. The intended mother still had one frozen egg remaining that was five years old, and they were willing to give it one more try.

After agreeing to consider becoming their surrogate, Angela and her family met with the couple’s family; they all immediately felt a strong connection. The paperwork and medical preparations were arranged and the transfer was scheduled. Within a day of the transfer, Angela was feeling hopeful, and nine days later, received a positive pregnancy test.

Angela’s pregnancy was smooth sailing, free of any complications, challenges, or hiccups along the way.  On December 20, 2012, Angela delivered a healthy, 9-pound, 11-ounce baby boy in the presence of both families. As Angela tells it,

“I couldn’t have asked for the pregnancy to go any better. We remain in close contact with [the couple and their family]. We speak weekly and plan to visit them in the coming months.”

When asked what her biggest piece of advice would be to other women considering surrogacy, Angela advises conducting your own research and ultimately working with an agency as experienced and knowledgeable as Gayle and Surrogate Solutions. She also highly recommends ensuring your OB/GYN is on board and that any and all “what-if” questions are discussed with both your physician and intended parents before starting the pregnancy.

If you are interested in learning more about gestational surrogacy or becoming a surrogate mother, contact Gayle at Surrogate Solutions today!

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